Sunday, January 2, 2011

Your Walk to Emmaus Letter

No doubt you’re surprised to get a note from me. I hope this weekend has already begun blessing your heart and helping you grow and stretch into the young woman you are becoming.  I wanted to share this thought with you:  “The joy is IN the journey.” It’s not in any destination.  Instead, look for joy all along the way as you are traveling through life.

One thing I have found in my own walk with the Lord is that He is constantly preparing us for our future.   You may fall at his feet thankful one moment wondering how much more he could bless you and the next moment asking Him {{where}} He is in the midst of what you’re going through.  Sometimes the “becoming” part is the most painful---but when you’re through it, you realize He’s created a stronger, more patient, more amazing {{ you }} to share with others in your life.

Keep communication open with Him.  Although prayer tends to feel one-sided, I know He rejoices when He hears from us.  Does He already know everything you share with Him?  Yes.  But hearing it all from {{ you }} is what He longs for.  Jesus showed us firsthand how important he considered prayer.  He did not always get what He prayed for.  He cried out in anguish.  He asked for situations to be changed.  He rejoiced.  He kept others lifted up.  He stormed the gates of Heaven constantly.   He taught us by modeling that child-to-father relationship for us.  Talk to Him every day!  He longs to hear from you!

Try not to lose your compassion, respect, patience for others.  While you may think you are doing something kind for someone else, God will use those acts to bless you in ways along your journey that you can’t imagine. 

Take a leap of faith occasionally.  Stepping out in Him is like getting on a thrill ride.  I personally don’t particularly like roller coasters, but I know God has not instilled a spirit of fear within us.  If your heart and mind are open to Him—He has some amazing journeys planned for you!  There will be tummy-dropping moments, heart-thumping-hills to chug up, wind-in-your face-corners to swerve around, and maybe a few hanging-upside-down-loop-de-loop moments.  At the end of your leap of faith, you will be thrilled and encouraged that you stepped out, in Him!

Remember that you are a single puzzle piece within a spectacular design.  You can’t possibly see the picture you are creating, but God can!  There will be times in your life you may feel like everyone is moving ahead and you are standing still. There will be times when you feel like you don’t fit, or that the picture is flawed, or a piece may be lost.  There will be times when you feel like nothing can stop you from surging ahead.  In all of those times, remember that God is the Master of this puzzle and all things are working together to create this life-picture by our Master Designer.

I hope some of these examples will resonate with you.  I hope you will hear your Heavenly Father calling out your name in joy and that He will shower you in blessings not only these few days, but throughout your life. I know this weekend will be life-changing for you!