Friday, April 27, 2012

The Game of Your Life

I hear what you don’t say and your heart is on your sleeve and you are on my thoughts. From my own experience I've learned that this exciting fast-paced life will always throw curves and strikes and sliders and change-ups. We may be able to size up the pitcher but we just can't see how life's pitches will affect us... Do you swing {{now...?}} Or wait for another mightily heaved ball? The pitches are gently lobbed and slowly sail in, or loosed hard in a spiral, or with enough fatigue they actually strike and make us fall to the ground, breathless and angry and hurt.

 Here's what I know... and need to share with you because I've lived them. Plays will not to be called fairly. Fans aren't always there to cheer you raucously when they're needed most. But keeping your head in the game will make you stronger, more confident. Don't allow life to make you cynical. Surround yourself with, and study teammates who are positive, confident, helpful, and wise. Ignore the flamboyant & flashy, they’re only distractions. Focus on the homeruns you've already hit. They will come again, but not every time you're up. Even a nicely struck ball will be caught mid-air, and a speedy run stopped short at base by a well-thrown ball. And yes a pop-up, (you groaned that you hit), will allow the sun's glare in sure eyes, allowing a bounce to the ground beside even the best fielder. Life will {{always}} surprise you.

So rest in the dugout. Cheer teammates on without keeping score because envy destroys focus. Pray hard. Read the Playbook. Believe everything in the Game happens for a reason. Even a gray rainy game day can bring the relief that a sunny game day will parch. Listen to the Coach. Practice an even swing. Rely on a healthy lifestyle not a quick fix that attaches hard and will never deliver enough of what it promises. Stay steadfast on achieving the line drive for the life you dream of. Hard work, motivation, and perseverance are key. So are kindness, gratitude, and respect.

Wear your jersey proudly: your good name and number are stitched to it for all time. Mistakes take a second to make and much longer to fix. Good choices seem harder to make, but last longer because of the happiness they bring. In time, it will be your turn to remember past seasons and help a rookie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Proud of the Smaller Tall One! Yesterday: ran a 5:20 mile for second place against West Cary & Dillard Drive... and then pushed himself for a 61 second 400, and placed 3rd. This morning: being honored for Academic Achievement.