Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Little Horvath

Meet my little Horvath. She came to me in a "lightning bolt" kind of moment while I was sorting through vintage fabric swatches in my attic, which is {{really}} special as far as Halloween pillows go you know. The equation is something like: 
Creation = Lightning Bolts + "Vintage-Something-or-Other" + Attics.

What {{ I }} needed was a Halloween pillow to decorate an entry hall chair. What {{ she }} needed... well... what she needed was just to BE.  She's really cute, (don't tell her that), and fancy, too, with handsewn glass beading.  

But {{please,}} when you visit, don't mention her mismatched eyes. She's single and a little moody/cross over it. (Or, perhaps, I've just created a moody cross little monster...?) Who knows. I've already explained that no one is perfect and WE will all love her just the way I made her.

I've thought of making her a Significant Other, but you know, lightening might only strike once. The Significant Other could turn out to be incredibly {{cute.}} And I'm certain Horvath would just HATE that...