Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Master's Design

It's in the fading sunlight filtering softly through the branches creating artful shadows across the carpet of lush lawn.  It's in the throaty croaking of the toad down in the barest trickle of a riprap edged streambed.  It's in the flutter of fresh spring green leaves as the wind whispers across them.  It's in the delicate resonating hum of crickets warming up to orchestrate my evening's lulling symphony.  It's in the gentle tilt of the sunflower's lovely dark pebbled face following the sun's westward path.  It's in the softest echoing of the morning dove's coo at twilight.  It's in the palest milky blue of a clear expansive sky fading into softest rose before a silvery sliver of moon and starlight pierce through.

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