Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love this simple and free little project, though I know my kitchen counters {{don't}} need another little bit of clutter. Still, it is convenient in my busy house where I'm working on a little organization to make my life easier.

Daughter's number one {{favorite}} question, after plunking-bookbag-down-upon-arrival-home-from-school, is, "Hi Mom! What's for dinner tonight?"

Now you may think that a teensy bit odd, but possibly your mom never made Cheeseburger Meatloaf and mashed cauliflower and such for dinners.  To be sure, not every night is this exciting, but some are, and if you're 10, you like to know if you need a snack that's {{extra}} filling after school, and before dinner, or not. ;)

I downloaded then slipped this printable menu from theprojectgirl into a quickly recycled (and slightly nicked) frame which I discovered gathering dust, (with glass still intact), in my the attic. 

With slim dry erase markers I can create a week of menus; remind myself of what I need to pick up; and finally, record a week's worth of menus to use later when I'm thoughtfully pondering over a menu to feed my family sometime {{next}} month.



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