Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Acolyte

Daughter acolyted for the first time this morning in church. It's funny how you see something done a hundred times, but when it's your turn, you can't imagine how you can make it through without tripping and setting the church on fire. (A worry of hers, not mine.) She got up extra early this morning, found just the right ten-year-old outfit, and made sure we were all out the door 30 minutes early.... (Just in case.) Once there, she reviewed all the directions, asked all the questions, did a quick walk-through, then looked at me & said, "I got it, mom. You can go sit down. Don't forget to save me a seat!" (As if...?) Pastor made introductions, we shared the Peace, the music began and daughter caught my eye as she walked past me down the aisle. She bowed low. No tripping happened up the stairs. All candles were lit. No church was burned. She plunked herself down next to me a few minutes later, squeezed my hand, and breathlessly whispered, "That was fun!" In that little moment I noticed she's on this side of being a young lady, rather than that side of being a little kid. ♥

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