Thursday, March 14, 2013

Living Well With A Teenage Daughter

I found this online and changed it up, adding quite a bit more wisdom--though I'm sure I won't always be wise while I'm going through it this stage in her life. (We all make mistakes!)  Now keeping right here for daily reference maybe later. Living Well With A TEENAGE Daughter :)

 1) Never engage in a shouting match with her. If she screams, bite your tongue, lower your voice and speak in a voice only slightly above a whisper. If you can’t manage that, tell her quietly that your will discuss the subject with her when you are {{both}} calmer.
2) D...
on't allow her to reduce you to tears. If she's behaving rudely, she needs time alone. Send her to her room or deprive her of a privilege, but don’t allow her to defeat you. You are her mother, not her friend. You will become friends when she becomes an adult. She is not yet an adult. She needs you to guide her by being firm, yet loving and fair.
3) Let her know you love her. Tell her the next time she rages at you that there is nothing she can say that will cause you to stop loving her. You may not like her behavior, but she is your daughter and your love for her is unconditional. (There will be times when she is difficult to love, but remember, you are not lovable all the time either and forgiveness is part of learning how to be an extraordinary woman.)
4) Touch her often. This is important. The power of a loving touch is exquisite. When she’s glued to the TV, a book, her phone, homework or the computer and you pass by her, reach out and pat her. Touch her arm in conversation. Place your arm around her when sitting next to her. Give her lots of hugs every single day and never be put off if she groans or pulls away. Just smile and remember, your love is given to her without any conditions.
5) Try not to criticize. Suggest if you must, but don’t be on her back about every little thing. (She is your daughter, you must allow her to reserve secrets for friends--there are things you share with your friends but would never mention to her. This is part of learning about having and maintaining healthy relationships!) Save your “nos” and “don’ts” for biggies, and see them through, make them stick, don't give in.
6) Listen to her, let her voice her opinions, her thoughts her musings on life. (As unique as a snowflake, she is herself, not a mini you.) No matter what she says, all she wants is for you to love her for who she is.
7.) Pray for her, everyday. Without ceasing. You and her father can not raise her well without your Father's help. He will guide you, comfort you, aid you, because He gave you the gift of her.

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