Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You know how I wondered recently if the joy of working with middle schoolers would translate well to working with elementary schoolers? It does.  Today, many of the teachers pulled the classroom blinds down so the kids wouldn't be distracted by our possible snowy weather. Just like most blinds in most classrooms, they didn't quite go all the way down, and a corner was caught up sideways with a chunk of outside peeking in. The first student who noticed the snow flurries gleefully shouted out loud, in a sort-of-quietly-working-room, {{{It's SNOWING!}}} Sure enough we looked up to see that little corner of playground all covered in white. One of the girls in my group looked up at me and stated, "Oh no... I think we are definitely going to have to stay here tonight," in a matter fact kind of way. I assured her we'd all get home just fine in this dusting. She still looked dubious. Five minutes later that now rowdy bunch was lined up in assorted half-zipped coats, gloves and hats, "three minutes early for lunch," so they could run a lap around the blacktop, flapping their arms, tasting the snow, laughing boisterously out loud before walking quietly down the hall to lunch with red cheeks and snowflakes still melting across their backs.

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