Thursday, September 26, 2013

Patience in Thrift Shops

I started reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance.  Familiar to me only because she's been mentioned by my favorite authors she has name recognition simply because I've pinned a few of her quotes onto favorite boards.

Recently I was scouring a thrift shop's bookshelves, because I just know there are hidden treasures to be found there, and I stumbled across luck when her book's coral jacket design caught my eye.  (Along with Austen's Sense and Sensibility beautifully bound in blue, Zarafa, and new hardback copy of A Painted House.)  That's right, since thrift books aren't placed in any kind of order, the jacket is usually what catches my eye first.

Simple Abundance is a daybook I've come to love.  Devouring a good book is often difficult in my life. Laundry, dishes, making dinner, running errands or helping with homework usually come first.  Time is often too precious to sit and read for an hour, let alone hours.  Daybooks allow me to read a page each day and lift a deeper meaning or curious thought to turn over and over during my hurried day.

Today her entry centered around something I need more of and I love her thoughts:
"Patience is the art of waiting.  Like all high arts, it takes time to master, which shouldn't be surprising, since patience is the knowledge of time.  How to use time to your advantage, how to be at the right place at the right time, how to pick your moments, how to bite your tongue.  Patience is discovering the mysterious pattern of cycles that cradle the Universe and ensure that everything that has happened once will recur.  Perseverance in life is being steadfast; persistence is being stubborn. Persistence is grittier than perseverance.  Perseverance is achievement's perspiration; persistence is its sweat.  The potent alchemy of patience and persistence, which together become endurance...  If you are determined to gather life's honey, to stick your hand into the hive again and again and again, to be stung so many times that you become numb to the pain, to persevere and persist till those who know and love you become unable to think of you as a fairly normal woman, you will not be called mad.  You will be called authentic."

Finding that you love a little of her writing?  Me, too.  Especially when I couple today's thought with the idea that there is a reason I stand in front of bookshelves searching and searching for a little treasure just like this. The wonderfulness is she's not just available in little mom & pop thrift shops, but lovely bookstores too.

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