Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

There's a real hesitancy when it's time.  He's worked hard filling out and editing an online college application for days and then it's time to finally press Submit.  Hubby and I are the proof-readers. We've combed over and re-saved online pages to make sure questions are answered correctly, everything's filled out to the nth degree.  And when there's nothing left to do but say a little prayer as he sends the application out into dark internet space, we stand back and watch under his shoulder. (We would check over his shoulder but he's closing in on 6'7".)

Tonight a hiccup occurred.  He tapped Submit and instead of a Thank You followed by a page to download for our files, the site responded that he appeared to be 25 years or older and could not apply with this application.  You haven't heard three people gasp or seen three sets of hands go for the keyboard quicker! (Strangely, it turns out we did fill his birth date in correctly, but the site somehow responded in this way to let us know he hadn't waived the right to review any teacher or counselor recommendations.  Age and recommendations... Hmmmm.  Thankfully between all of us we got it figured out in less than 5 minutes before REAL frustration set in.

I still can't get over the fact that he's filling out college applications and I am the parent who has the honor of editing them. That I am the second (or third) set of eyes hoping to tweak this just right, or catch that little mistake, or add this bit of detail over here.  Some of the questions keep him on his toes or make him wonder about what they're {{really}} looking for in an answer. (My theme song? Best thing since sliced bread...? My most treasured possession?  Super power I'd like most to have? Gadget that needs inventing?  Biggest little worry?)  These have all been questions he's wrestled a bit with.

In the end I know he will be accepted to and study at the institution the good Lord has planned for him. That, and that alone, makes it easier to watch him press Submit, when the application is finally finished to the best of his ability.

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